Monday, February 15, 2010


This Saturday I am scheduled to attend an all day training class at a hospice. I have volunteered for the so-called "11th Hour" program, which if not obvious from the name means being with the dying in their last moments if they so request.
I'm nervous. Clearly this isn't something I want to mess up. But, I've wanted to do this for quite some time. My father died in the same hospice organization nearly seven years ago and I was so impressed and grateful with their care, and would like to be a part of that.
I don't fear death. I fear lots of things, but not death. I fear growing old, being laid-off from my job, never doing what I am meant to do, being ordinary and/or bourgeois, marriage, babies, menopause, heights. But death is just the way we move from one mode of existence to another. If I am able to assist someone in that transition then I would feel like I've done valuable work in my life. I also hope I can bring comfort to those who remain after their loved one has died; what a tough place to be in life. In a poem I'm working on I wrote,

Grief doesn’t lie.

It is sharp, penetrating,

a deliverer of the inconsolable and undeniable facts

that once given will eventually leave,

though slowly,

easing its way out the door.

This should be quite a learning experience, I look forward to it.


  1. "Grief doesn't lie", that's true. Good poem. I might use it in my Pablo blog. Thanks.

  2. Hey dude, that's copyrighted. You will owe me megabucks if you use it ;-)

    Thank you.

  3. Love your poem... good luck with hospice. I did that for years as a nurse. There is nothing more rewarding than to help others in their journey Home.

  4. Thanks, Wendilea. I'm looking forward to the work and in fact have more training this evening. Good for you for doing it as a career.