Saturday, April 17, 2010


Time goes by so quickly. It frightens me a bit sometimes to see it pass by. One month and one day ago Kenyon died, and I still cry. Tomorrow will be seven years since my father died, and I still sometimes cry about that, too. I just realized that I will be volunteering at the hospice tomorrow. That seems fitting.

Overheard someone yesterday saying how throughout one's life, one wishes they were doing something else, and then they reach that goal only to wish they were somewhere else different, and then life is over. It shouldn't be that way! No energy should be wasted on wishing for what should be--but that's life.
I read once that when Henry Ford made his first billion a reporter asked if he was satisfied. He answered that he wanted "Just a little more."

How precious it is, the time we spend in the moment. I decided a while ago I wanted to Be rather than Do but that's not always easy when living in a society that demands such high financial dues with little return.
The world has always been uncertain. As Gurdjieff wrote, "The key is to remain apart."


  1. My friend Ginger who has been doing hospice work now for several years in Albuquerque emailed me recently "One of my good friends said she thought it had become easier to deal with all the death and dying rather than to live and I think she is right".

  2. Wow. Maybe because the death and dying belong to other people while as her life is all her own to deal with.