Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Different Way

The logistics are tough.
Navigating in a world made new by loss so white hot and deep. How? But so much in life just happens, with no planning or foresight of my own.
But how, anyway?
I am sensitive to the energies around us and feel suffering deeply. Before, when feeling overwhelmed by the cruelties of others, I could think to myself, "At least I have Kenyon." A simple idea with profound meaning for me, and great comfort. I believed that my love and care of him helped create balance in some way. Helped reaffirm the good in this plane of existence.
I no longer have that.
I no longer have Kenyon.
I am sent reeling out, unmoored, hysterical, bereft.
My stalwart companion gone.


  1. So sorry to hear Tree... there are good people who care.

  2. Thanks, Wendilea. I've come across more than a few of them during this experience, which has helped a lot.