Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Good Times

As everything is so fresh, my mind keeps returning to the upsetting and sad events of the past few days, especially yesterday. But, when that happens I remind myself to think of a good memory of Kenyon, in order to diminish the bad memories.

I'm remembering his love of vanilla ice cream. I would take him to an outdoor ice cream shop every summer. He was so adorable, with the ice cream around his mouth.
Our walks in Hueston Woods, and how he followed me in the nearly dry creek, hopping from one rock to another, exactly as I did. He would stop and look at me a bit uncertainly and with my encouragement make it to the next rock.
His love of children.
His need to be the center of attention at ALL times.
How warm and soft he felt.
Our daily walks around the neighborhood.
When I'd put him in the car, he'd immediately scramble over to the driver's side and sit up so proud, with his chest puffed out, like he thought he could drive!
How, despite his small size, he could still nearly push me out of bed.
The way he'd be right at the door to greet me.
So many good memories.

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