Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pregnancy: the Good, the Bad and the Weird

Boy, did I mess up. Days tend to run together when one is on bed rest, modified or otherwise. I've also been really sick with sinus issues, so imagine my surprise when I received a call from the doctor's office this morning asking if everything was ok. Um. Fine. Why do you ask?
Seems I'd missed my weekly appointment and progesterone shot, as well as the second of my twice weekly non-stress tests. Had my dates and days all confused.
Despite all my kvetching about the excessive appointments I feel a bit panicky because I had to cancel last week's doctor's appointment due to snow and bad roads.
The doctor's office is so busy there's just no time to see me until my next scheduled appointment, too.
Maybe there's no need to be panicky, I don't seem to have any issues that demand immediate attention but after all this time of weekly appointments I feel uneasy about missing two.

Night sweats. Fun stuff. I'm having episodes where I feel so hot I can't stand it. This happens nearly every night now and last night I woke up and surprise! was panicked (there's a theme here) because I thought my amniotic fluid was leaking or my water had broken. But it was sweat. I got out of bed and the moisture dissipated quickly and there was nothing on the sheets and nothing coming out of me. My hair and the back of my neck were soaked, too. I finally fell back asleep only to awaken a hour or so later just as sweaty.
My hormones must be going haywire. The other day I ate five bowls of cereal, then tried to take a nap but instead cried uncontrollably for no reason for at least an hour.
Good grief. Maybe I should just be happy I have no stretch marks or hemorrhoids and stop complaining.

Oh, but wait! I forgot to mention two other things! Reader, aren't you glad you stuck around?
OK, first of all, it seems getting a good ultrasound photo of Jessie's face these days is like taking the ideal snap of Bigfoot. It may happen, but you know you'll more than likely end up with some blurry shot of a furball, off in the distance. I'd love to see her face again but last week all I got once again was a grainy, blurry shot of an alien.

Secondly, as was pointed out to me rather pointedly by two professionals the other day, the baby is still breech at 34 weeks. Do I need to panic? Just tell me now so I can get it over with. I guess I'll try some exercises to see if Jessie will take the hint and move but I think we'll be ok for a couple more weeks, so I reserve the right to panic at week 36 if she hasn't yet turned.

34 weeks. Dealing with the long list of pregnancy's good, bad and weird. Feeling overwhelmed because I don't feel prepared in any way for the baby's arrival. The to-do list seems to grow every day but I just have to chip away at it and do what I can each day.
Q and I have regular freak outs now as the stress mounts. Doesn't help that Q is also working on refinancing his mortgage and working on taxes. Yes, my love, you can panic, too.


  1. I probably wouldn't panic quite yet, but, I would start to be pro-active while your little princes is still rather small.

    My favorite website is - there are a lot of great resources, and ideas for babies who are breech.

    I also suggest contacting a chiropractor who specializes in the Webster technique (you can look it up). Having been on bed rest, muscles can tense up, and this could be the reason why she is breech and isn't turning around.

    There are lots of little tricks out there to help "spin" a baby, and I'd definitely try them as the statistics tend to be rather high in success for those people trying between 32-36 weeks.

    Our little man had been breech for the last 5 weeks, after two days of doing knee-chest position for 15-20 minutes a few times a day, he is now vertex...

    You're almost there!!! Can you believe just two weeks until you reach 36 weeks!?!

    When are they planning to take the cerclage out?

  2. Thanks, Steph. I'll look into those options you listed.
    They take the stitches out in two weeks! I can't believe we're this close.

  3. I'm glad things are progressing nicely for you Tree! Hormones are weird... I have some of those same symptoms, night sweats and crying jags, and all I will have to show for it is a new status as Crone. Motherhood is wonderful and scary... I know you'll love it as I did! Brightest blessings!

  4. WOW!!!! It's coming SO fast!

    I wonder what will happen once they take the stitch out!?!

    Looking forward to hearing if you have any success with the above exercises, etc for breech babes!

    Good luck!!!