Monday, January 10, 2011


Not a fun word. Not a fun way to live.
Fortunately, some of my restrictions have been lifted so that I am now on modified bed rest and was also told last Friday that I can drive again and do a little shopping.
In addition to my weekly doctor visits, I begin this week with the twice weekly non-stress tests and the weekly amniotic fluid intake tests, so this takes a big burden off of Q's shoulders as he won't have to drive me to all the appointments.

I've made a couple of ventures out into the big, wide world since this news but I have to say it isn't easy. I feel like I'm slogging through mud, and I feel a lot of pain and wear out quickly. I ran some errands this morning, which was great, but sad as it sounds, I was happy to lie back in bed and relieve the pressure and pain I felt in my uterus.
However, I believe that with a little movement each day I will gain some of my strength back, and hopefully some flexibility, so that I don't experience so much pain.

I've also enjoyed being able to cook easy meals, and the other day I made yogurt for the first time in months. Homemade yogurt mixed with berries picked this summer, honey from a friend's bees and walnuts. Heaven.

Seven months pregnant now. In roughly four weeks the stitches will be removed.
I have to laugh at myself sometimes, when I struggle to get out of the car or find that to pick something up off the floor requires a weird, spread leg move with my butt way up in the air!

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