Thursday, February 10, 2011

To C or Not to C

That is the big question these days.

The baby is still breech. Not "just" breech but she recently settled into a position where her buttocks are down around my pelvis, her head is behind my belly button and her arms and legs? Pretty much anyone's guess these days!

So there's been talk about having a cesarean section. I spoke about it with the doctor last Friday, and during our childbirth class, Q and I spoke at length about it with the nurse. Both seem to think it's inevitable.
Tomorrow I meet with a doctor in the practice that while not my primary doc is one that I've seen many times, and we'll talk with her about it.
Because of my knee pain I've been unable to do any exercises that could help move the fetus into the correct position. Another suggestion was manually moving the fetus but I'm not on board with that one.

This was the big, exciting week I've thought about since October. The 36th week! I am supposed to have my cerclage stitch removed but if I schedule a c-section then the stitch stays in until the baby is born.
Last week the doctor told me the cesarean would happen in the 39th week, just three weeks away. As if I didn't already feel an urgency to get things ready...

My cold is gone but I'm on antibiotics for a sinus infection. My knee is still in bad shape. I went to the doctor the other day and she thought it was either a burst cyst or a blood clot. I had an injection of blood thinner at the office then had to self inject the next morning--in my belly, no less.
I had an ultrasound done on my entire leg and they found no clot nor any evidence of a burst cyst. The next step would be to see an Orthopedist but I said I'd wait as there's too much going on right now to deal with that, too. The doc offered me narcotics but I am strongly opposed to them. My feeling is if I can tolerate the pain then I will do so without powerful drugs. So it's been ice packs and Tylenol and rest.

My knee had been improving some but yesterday I felt I HAD to put together a nursery space for the baby. So much for rest!
I really pushed myself, so the pain today is bad. Still, I am planning on going out to check out a daycare center. There's a lot I need to accomplish before the baby is born, bed rest or not.

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  1. Sorry you're having a hard time with your knee...that stinks!

    Have you considered visiting a chiropractor who can do some special maneuvers without putting pressure or causing pain to your knee? I know many people who have had high success rates with flipping the baby...of course, it just depends on why she is breech, but it could be worth a try?

    Also, if you checked out the spinningbabies website, they talk about using a board, like an ironing board to lay down with your head lower than your feet - this wouldn't be traumatic to your knee like the knee-chest position could be?

    Just a few thoughts to help! It sure is a tough decision...