Monday, February 21, 2011

Wispy Membranes?

I had my regular tests today and made sure to tell the u/s tech before the AFI that I'd been in a car accident. Of course she found something and the doctor had to be called in to do a more thorough ultrasound. The issue is my amniotic sac has "wispy membranes." The doctor said she'd never seen it before. Can't say I'm happy or proud to be the first.
I asked her to explain wispy membranes and she explained it this way, "Imagine a swimming pool with lining and the lining has come apart from the wall so there are wrinkles and bubbles."
Yup. Welcome to my world, dive on in, the water is fine.

She said she didn't know for sure if this was a direct result of the accident or if it had been there for a while and they are just now seeing it due to normal changes in the amniotic fluid that revealed it. She also said she wasn't overly concerned about it, and the baby and the placenta are fine.
BUT, she told me that because of this issue I am not to have a Version or a vaginal birth and that when I see the doctor on Thursday he will schedule a cesarean section. So that's that.

I'm happy that after this issue being up in the air for a while to have a definite answer but I'm apprehensive about the recovery time.
I'm nervous about the surgery, too. While I've had lots of physical challenges throughout my life I've only had two surgeries, and one of those was the cerclage back in October.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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